Danger Will Robinson! Why you shouldn't hire a "TV" lawyer.

You are trying to watch your favorite football team or television program, but you are constantly inundated with lawyer ads.  One after another, they all claim to be the best lawyer in Savannah.  Some of the commercials are ridiculous, some are boring, but all of them are annoying.  When a lawyer is on television, some people tend to think that lawyer is a "better" lawyer than others.  In many cases, that couldn't be further from the truth.  In this blog post, I will tell you a few things to watch out for with televison lawyers, and why you should choose a local lawyer with knowledge, skill, and most importantly a personal relationship with you. 


Many television lawyers are not even in Savannah, even though they run commercials here.  For instance, Morgan and Morgan has their main office in Orlando, Florida.  Ken Nugent has his main office in Augusta, Georgia.  The Dozier Law Group has its main office in Macon, Georgia.  Many lawyers on television are from as far away as Atlanta, Boston, or California!  It is important to know where an attorney is located because a local attorney knows the judicial system in his circuit.  Lawyers from out of town are at a disadvantage in this jurisdicition,  which will result in a lower settlement or jury award for their clients.  The final thing you should know about out of town lawyers is that you will never meet them, you will get whatever low level lawyer or paralegal they decide to fluff off on you.  If you want the personal touch, you should hire a local attorney.  At the Law Offices of Harold J. Cronk, we have been serving the Savannah area for over 30 years, and we are right here in Savannah.

Many Television Lawyers Run Injury Factories

Many Television Lawyers operate on the principle that they need a large amount of clients whose cases are settled quickly in order to justify their large advertising budgets.  They literally need the money to continue to make television ads.  This has encouraged bad behavior from these lawyers, from illegal client recruitment drives to forcing settlements without the client's permission.  Most recently, Mike Hostilo was sued for allegations of malpractice and forging client's signatures in order to reach a settlement.  To these types of firms, you are just a number.  A number that needs to be dealt with quickly.  A quick settlement will most likely cut your recovery by 60 percent or more.  Don't let a big television firm have a paralegal settle your case for peanuts so that the firm can pay its advertising budget and for golf trips for its CEO.  At the Law Offices of Harold J. Cronk, we provide personal service on every case.  We will deal with your case as long as it takes to reach a settlement that all parties agree is fair and equitable.  We will fight for you, not turn you and burn you.

Many Television Lawyers Do Not Give You the Expertise You Deserve

If you hire a television lawyer, you are not likely to ever meet the lawyer you supposedly hired.  Your case will end up with a junior associate right out of law school IF you are lucky, or a paralegal IF you are unlucky.  These low level workers have marching orders to settle a certain amount of cases either monthly or quarterly.  These settlements will not be for what you deserve in your case.  It is just more money for the television firm to pay their enormous overhead.  These firms frequently drive up expenses as well so that they can charge their clients on the backend as well as the front.  A 10,000 dollar case at a televsion lawyer's firm could easily see the client take home 2000 dollars and the firm take home 8000 dollars.  At the Law Offices of Harold J. Cronk, we find it unconscionable to make more money than our clients. 

Make the Right Choice.  Make the Local Choice

Don't be taken advantage of by an out of town, unscrupulous television lawyer.  Don't let a locally operated injury factory turn your case into their bottom line either.  Hire a local lawyer with experience in this jurisdiction, who knows the judges and court personnel, and who can give you the local edge.  Hire a local attorney who is knowledgeable, skilled, and cares personally about you and your case.  Hire a local attorney who will treat you fairly.  At the Law Offices of Harold J. Cronk, we embody all those things.  Please call us today.  Make the right choice. 

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