Great Attorney!!!

Being charged with a DUI is a painful experience, and having gone through it, I fully appreciate the necessity of getting expert legal help. Very fortunately for me, after a bit of research, I called Harold P. Cronk (based on his experience and credentials with this kind of case), and I will forever be grateful I did.

I was arrested for Failure to Maintain Lane, DUI and child endangerment in May of 2013. After I called Mr. Cronk, he gave me every step that was going to happen. At the time, I did not have all the money needed to obtain Mr. Cronk and was in the process of obtaining his fee. He gave me free legal advice regarding what steps I needed to take to keep my licence. Because, I was charged with DUI as well as Child Endangerment which would be very destructive to my career. Mr. Cronk gave me several options for this court case as I was not knowledgeable in law practices. Every time I called the office, his staff was always willing and very knowledgeable about the proceedings and was always very kind.

Mr Cronk and his son was always available to talk, either by phone or email. He is also very patient by answering the many repetitive questions I threw at him. He genuinely cared for me and what I had to lose, he was willing to talk with my wife and explain to her what we were facing. He took care of all the court appearances, I am sure I was summoned about 20+ times and I only needed to show up twice. Each appearance I know Mr. Cronk and his son worked hard. They prepared for the worst and worked really hard for the best. If you hire Mr. Cronk or his son as your lawyer, trust that it is for your own good, not only for your court case. There is no question about it, he is the best! In the process Mr.Cronk, along with his son, gave me insight into the long hours and tedious work that he constantly provides to insure the best outcome for his clients.

In September 2014, I appeared before a judge for the final hearing and believe me when I say this is just amazing that the DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane, as well as child endangerment charges were all dropped. This is obviously due to Mr. Cronk making sure every base was covered for my good. I cannot recommend him more highly than to say if your career and life are at stake- be sure you call him first I am so grateful to the Cronk Team!!!!

Thank you, to the Cronk Team for giving me my life back and I look forward to my many restful nights sleep in over a year! I am excited that I can finally move forward & refocus on accomplishing my personal goals in life & enjoy my family!


Great to have a lawyer for multiple items

I had a great experience working with Joe Cronk after an automobile accident. I was getting the run around from the insurance company of the at-fault party. Once I obtained the services of Mr. Cronk I never had to speak to them again. I received money to cover all my medical expenses plus an additional sum. Working with Mr. Cronk was such a pleasant experience that when I required a last will and testament be drawn up, he was the obvious choice; most lawyers will only practice one area of law or another but Joe is knowledgeable of multiple aspects of the law so no need to seek out yet another lawyer to work with. It was nice knowing that I now have a lawyer to contact for anything that may come up in the future.



Thanks to Mr. Cronk we were successful in our GHSA Appeal by a unanimous vote. None of this could have been possible without his efforts. This experience, though unnecessary, has made my son stronger and more determined. He handled each disappointment with style and grace. He never gave up. This was truly a life lesson for him and it showed him what persistence and relentless determination can do for you. Thank you again and we really appreciate all that you have done for us. Whatever it is you are doing or want to do never give up and fight to the end to see it through.